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How we can help...


  • how the past impacts the present in order to reshape the future

  • your core identity values and how they influence everything you do



  • remove the barriers that prevent healing

  • gain understanding from pain

  • restore relationships 



  • develop tools to cope with difficulties

  • learn how to live a free & healthy life

We understand all too well that starting therapy can be fraught with feelings of anxiety and unease, and we can always find excuses to put it off, but we also know how incredibly healing and life changing it can be when we take that step.  One of our aims is to make therapy a positive experience and one where our clients will see growth, change and healing early on in the process in order to encourage perseverance.  The healing process is neither quick nor linear and we help our clients to meet their short and long term goals along the way.  The sooner you begin your journey of healing, the sooner you can live a free and healthy life.  The only thing you have to lose is whatever is holding you back. 

Therapy is an investment in yourself.  It takes time, resources, and emotional energy to meet your goals.  We understand that not everyone has the financial resources to commit to the journey of self-healing, and we offer a sliding fee scale to help alleviate the pressure for those who need it.  We don't want anything to stand in the way of getting the help you need. 

We work with:

individuals (adults & children/youth)

couples (straight & LGBTQ+)

families (immediate & extended)

groups of any kind

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